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Clearly, emerging markets are going to lose out here: but it’s interesting by how much. Brazil, with nearly 5 per cent of Facebook users, on our weighted score contributes only 2.4 per cent of the Facebook valuation ($1.89bn). India, with nearly 5.7 per cent of users, contributes less than 1 per cent of the weighted value. The US has 20.4 per cent of Facebook users, but with it’s high GDP per head that works out at over 40 per cent of the current valuation ($32.7bn). Similarly the UK, Germany and France all contribute more in valuation than their place in the user ranking suggests.
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-John Sides explains how numbers help explain the way voters judge the temperament of the candidates, and whether Romney lost in 2012 because voters didn't like him. []
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Plenty of people are willing to take him up. The China bulls' case has many parts, but the most important is leverage -- or rather, the lack of it. Consider the gentleman -- his name is Cheng Yue Shi -- who told me that he owned 43 flats in and around Shanghai. He doesn't rent out any of them -- which is not uncommon in China; rents are cheap, and many owners therefore believe the time and hassle of being a landlord isn't worth it. And of the 43 units he owns, he paid for every single one of them -- not a single mortgage involved. According to a recent study by CLSA Asia Pacific Securities, the use of mortgages is increasing in China, but only 40% of all houses purchased are debt-financed. Even when they are, Chinese buyers typically have to put down 30% or more of the sales price.
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As I got older I learned about how some people treated their transgender children, and I was shocked. I couldn't understand how someone would leave their child and throw them on the street. I was always taught you give your kid unconditional love, and if you don't, something's wrong with you, for real. It's your child, and you really have to be there for them all the time.
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"I could be better, that's for sure, but so could the team," said Chaulk, who was scoreless with one shot, three checks and victories on 9 of 12 face offs.
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